608 Superior Apartment Intercom System

Based on 485 communication protocol and differential signaling transmission, 608 analogue system is applicable for high-rise/multi-story residential building or building complex. The functions involve video intercom, real-time monitoring, unlocking, emergency alarm, call from doorbell or secondary outdoor station, and elevator control, etc.

The system has 3-level protection formed by intermediate equipment including floor hub, building hub and central hub, which means that any failure won’t affect normal operation of the system. In addition, when there is a power failure suddenly, the storage battery will work to supply power to outdoor station and indoor monitor so as to ensure the system’s normal use.

2.High Security
When the resident is in an emergency, he can press the button “SOS” for 3 seconds. After the management center receives SOS signal and shows room No., the property management department can provide assistance for the resident promptly. In addition, the system can connect to 8 alarm zones, such as gas detector, smoke detector or fire detector, in order to increase your home security. T

3.Ease of Use
The resident can receive announcement, weather forecast, community service, and utilities information etc. from the management center. When the resident is out, the visitor’s snapshot will be taken and saved automatically.

4.Wide Application
With 485 communication protocol and differential signaling transmission, the system can realize long-range transmission. It’s an ideal choice for large residential community. What’s more, it can also be used in villa or single-family house.



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System Diagram:

System Diagram